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Hey, all. I'm writing this here to advertise the opening of a character position, Jounouchi, at the rather successful YGO RP, la_linea_scura. I thought this community would be good to advertise in, and I'm pretty sure this isn't breaking the rules.

I've been playing both Otogi and Jou, and I spend the majority of my time with Otogi, and Jou kind of gets pushed to the back-burner. And I'd rather someone more dedicated to just Jou take over his position.

Right now in the RP, Jou is not paired with anyone, so there is no pairing. The situation that Jou basically is in right now is going to be A) playing big-brother (Shizuka just got a boyfriend, and Jou might be a little protective of her because of that), B) spending time with Yuugi (Yuugi just went through a rather traumatic experience, so Jou might want to be there for him), and of course C) whatever else you'd like to do.

The RP is really, really fun, and hopefully I'll be able to find someone who will give Jou proper attention. If anyone's interested, just comment here and I can tell you more about what's happening in la_linea_scura. Thanks, guys!
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no YGO for at least a month!

You heard me! Now, on the kids WB, their showing the "Waking the Dragons" arc all over again and that means *1* episode every saturday which probably makes it at least 2 months before something new comes on. That means no more new Joey for AWHILE! ;___;

Sorry 'bout that, just had to see if anyone else should feel my pain.

BTW, 2 months is just an estimation, I dunno if they'll actually show the whole saga. :)
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In paaiiiiin. Much pain.

Some random Jou drabble. >> I need to put more into this community. Which brings me to this question:

What would you do, if you lived with Joey? (O_o or vice Versa in some cases)
-You're free to put up any other issues. I thought food would be teh primary one. lol.

Summary: Living With Joey, Issue One: Food.
Pairing: Joey x ? Nero has decided to let your mind wander. Mai was not in mind while writing this.

"You know, that was my piece of cake Joey."
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>> Remember, Mai wasn't in mind. Neither was Shizuka. O_o...I think.
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Small Gift Fic for Jo! Yay!

Comments: lol a gift fic. and just because I'm playing Dead or Alive Ultimate. Yay for chicks who kick ass!

Summary: Joey and Jo are sitting at the X-box, playing Dead or Alive Ultimate and Joey has the upper hand on Jo until she pulls the last ditch effort to pick up the win.
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Short, sweet, and...short. O_o...I had to refrain from turning it into a lemon. heh.
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x_x eh. tired. don't die Jou community!

nero is tired. I've been randomly site hopping and joining some FLs while I had time to kill. ^_^ Man I love this song! If I could FIND it anywhere, then I'd burn it to CD. I'm listening to it's MIDI version. You know how bored I was?

I skimmed through a Silentshipping fanfic. Actually skimmed because I had nothing better to do.

x_x Nero is tired. and out of her mind. But I made a perdy icon for Jo ! ^_^ Yay.

>> yeah, tired. much.

+ you   make me   SMILE +

Relish in teh OCness. because I said so.
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+ beauty in the BREAKDOWN +

Aw! People liked it! Yay! Well anyways, here's the continuation! O_o lol sorta reminds me of a Journal Entry almost with the striking out, but it's common thought...so yeah.

Notes: *imagines Jou as a tree in the school play, falling off the stage*....XD!!!

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...and everything became a blur.
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