Enveh (narutomonkey) wrote in puppy_jou,

news and a fic!

Good news everyone! New episodes of YGO will premiere on KidsWB on September 10! So that's like....a little over a month away! Yay! We'll see the KC Grand Prix and Joey scared out of his mind after seeing that Blue Eyes White Dragon Statue at Kaiba Land! ^___^

Oh yes, I'm thinking about putting a fic here....crossover of course. *cough**cough*Sailor/moon/cross/over/plus/Ocness/*cough*cough* Of course, Joey will be in it! The thing is, I ask people if they want a crossover fic posted on and they say yes, I post it, and I have no one leave a review or anything.

People make narutomonkey sad ;___;

So...how 'bout it? It's not exactly a one-shot either...*__* It has fighting action in it, plus dueling. I hope people don't mind that.

BTW, haidochan, don't worry, you're not the only one who may stink as OCness. ^^;;
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