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this community need to thrive!!!

Yes!! Don't you agree??

Click for narutomonkey's random thought! It's all about the morbid 4kids! >:( So if you might get offended, don't click! It's not entirely off-topic, it has Joey mentions in it too ^^

I was just thinking, while looking for some cool Jou(or I like calling him Joey because I'm kind of used to it)icons, and I was comparing that show with One Piece (another horrible dub/edit by 4kids) I was also thinking of a crossover fanfiction for YGO! And I was rather disappointed on how things were edited out of YGO that could've been cool. As you may remember, I vented out stuff about the Doom Saga and other stuff: How they edited out Jou punching big Yugi for losing little yugi in a duel but edited that out...

I also looked at further more episodes of the show, probably the ones they "won't air" because of it's violence and it would too much to edit out, I suppose. I'm thinking, like people around here have been saying that the Pharoah's Memory Arc(I think that's what they call it?) won't be aired. I look at the screen caps and see plenty of stuff they'll edit out. Like with Honda almost getting strangled how the old thief spirit of Bakura's millenium ring suffered through with his village destroyed and becoming a slave and all...

I'm not saying that I completely hate 4kids. The voices I do like is Joey's and Varon's after all, but that's about it I suppose. It would've been funny to see if that someone had gotten the right for YGO first, before 4kids, to have Jou's personality like in the manga and in the japanese version.

Pervy...^_____^ I'd be laughing so hard to actually see a perv-o Jou.
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