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In paaiiiiin. Much pain.

Some random Jou drabble. >> I need to put more into this community. Which brings me to this question:

What would you do, if you lived with Joey? (O_o or vice Versa in some cases)
-You're free to put up any other issues. I thought food would be teh primary one. lol.

Summary: Living With Joey, Issue One: Food.
Pairing: Joey x ? Nero has decided to let your mind wander. Mai was not in mind while writing this.

"You know, that was my piece of cake Joey."


"What do you mean so?! I've been craving that cake all day long and you just...ate it! right in front of my face! Without saving me anyyyy!"

"Well, I wasn't gonna let it sit there. It's not like it had a lable on it, or somethin!"

"Joey, it HAD a lable on it."

"....No it didn't."

"You just tossed it into the trash can!"

A pause. Then Joey did it; he used those big puppy dog eyes, and it made him irresistable. Damn them to hell and back. >>

"Joey, don't use the puppy eyes! You know I hate those!"

A sigh escaped my lips this time as I slapped a hand to my forehead.

"But ya love me anyways!" he said this time, giving me a light kiss on the cheek before heading into his own room.

"Yeah..." I started. "I do."

~*~ Fin ~*~

>> Remember, Mai wasn't in mind. Neither was Shizuka. O_o...I think.
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