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[Fic] Thoughtless

Title: Thoughtless

Author: Alpha/somatosensation

Rating: NC-17

Characters: Joey Wheeler, Seto Kaiba. Yuugi Muto, Tristan Taylor, Tea Gardner, Mai Valentine and Mokuba Kaiba all receive honourable mention 8U.

Warnings: A cliched plot topic with a twist!, murder/death, graphic depictions of rape, lots of language, there's a blow job in here, along with masturbation(ish) and some obvious PTSD. Also, rewrite of an old fic.

(You never really realised how thoughtless you were until all you can do is think. By then? It's too late.)
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Hello, this is my first time here!

I'm trying to get more comments/feedback for my work at FF. net. I go by the penname Kikoken and Joey Wheeler is one of my favorite Yugioh character. I need some dedicated reviewers, preferably people who go to FF.net every day. I recently started rewriting my story A Strange Crush, of which had lots of reviews in the past. I want to know how the rewrite is going so I can keep working on it.


Happy reading!
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Work in Progress....

Ok just making this quick...I'm working on my very first fic and thanks to a friend, she gave me really good pointers on how I can make it better ^-^. And can I say "holy crap I have a lot of work to do..O_O"  but either way I want to do this right and will definitely do my best to make it a good fic. Let see, hopefully I will finish it by next week and then post it here.

My fic of course will be of puppyshipping and it will be a small one or try to make it small since its my very first one. I am very excited, if you guys have any tips and pointers, please feel to tell me.

Thanks lovies ^-^


Whoa, update here, huh? May not be Jou-Jou related but it's YGO.

Anyway, I actually had no idea when the new episodes of YGO would be airing until I watched last week and recognized the eppy from a few screen caps. Anyhoo, I was watching the WB today and it had a commercial for that season and it said LAST season. Final final final final final everything.

Excuse me, but WTF? That's going to leave mostly everything unanswered. Mostly because during the whole entire series Yugi keeps saying that he'll help the pharaoh figure out his past but the only thing he got was as far as knowing his face was on an ancient tablet and he faced Kaiba so long ago.

I mean, I know what happens in the "Pharaoh's Arc" by looking at screen caps and reading summaries but it would've been cool to see it on tv and how the dubbed voices would act. *shakes head* DARN YOU 4KIDS!! ;___; I guess we'll wait about 3 years for the unedited stuff like what's coming out now.

And we won't see Jou getting rejected by a girl who cannot see him. :D

news and a fic!

Good news everyone! New episodes of YGO will premiere on KidsWB on September 10! So that's like....a little over a month away! Yay! We'll see the KC Grand Prix and Joey scared out of his mind after seeing that Blue Eyes White Dragon Statue at Kaiba Land! ^___^

Oh yes, I'm thinking about putting a fic here....crossover of course. *cough**cough*Sailor/moon/cross/over/plus/Ocness/*cough*cough* Of course, Joey will be in it! The thing is, I ask people if they want a crossover fic posted on and they say yes, I post it, and I have no one leave a review or anything.

People make narutomonkey sad ;___;

So...how 'bout it? It's not exactly a one-shot either...*__* It has fighting action in it, plus dueling. I hope people don't mind that.

BTW, haidochan, don't worry, you're not the only one who may stink as OCness. ^^;;