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Small Gift Fic for Jo! Yay!

Comments: lol a gift fic. and just because I'm playing Dead or Alive Ultimate. Yay for chicks who kick ass!

Summary: Joey and Jo are sitting at the X-box, playing Dead or Alive Ultimate and Joey has the upper hand on Jo until she pulls the last ditch effort to pick up the win.

Last Ditch Effort

"HA! I win again!" Joey cheered, throwing his hands in the air, as Jo grumbled, glaring at him. Joey's selected character, Ryu Hayabusa had managed to kick the schnoz outta the auburn haired shinobi Kasumi for the tenth time.

"I'm gonna beat you!" Jo replied, determined as hell.

"If you stop picking Kasumi." Joey mentioned this time, sitting back down as he pressed 'Character Select from the options menu.

Joey decided to choose Karate Instructor Ein, who hailed from Germany, while Jo Selected the Chinese T'ai Chi Quan Genuis Leifang. She selected an area: The Demon's Church because she liked the stained glass, and planned to kick Joey's ass right out of it, sending him crashing through the other pieces of glass to hit the marble floors. (Nero: ignore the rhyming.)

The Battle Began, and of course, Joey had the upper hand, and Jo fumed deeply. Just as she was about to die, she leaned over in a last ditch effort and kissed the blonde on the cheek, making him drop the controller and look at her.

"HA!" Jo took this time to take her controller and grapple Joey's character, booting him out the window, sending him down. She watched as her character jumped after the fallen one, landing on her feet. She cheered as the screen blared "KO!" and then "WINNER!"

"I won! I won! I won!" Jo cheered.

"You cheated..." Joey started simply, looking up at the dancing girl, who didn't even care. She won and that was all that mattered. She'd get him back once she mastered the counterholds.

"I won! That's all that matters! I wo-"

Joey wasn't standing for that. He literally pounced on the girl, tackling her to the couch, and she squealed, looking up at him.

"You jealous?" Jo teased, sticking her tongue out at him. Joey shook his head. "Nope. You beat me."

He didn't let her reply, much less gloat because he kissed her on the lips. Jo had little time to react, and Nero believes that she wasn't planning on protesting. Once his hands touched her shoulders and stayed there, she kissed him back.

The screen options stayed there, and the sounds of 'Break the Age' were heard blaring from the screen.

Short, sweet, and...short. O_o...I had to refrain from turning it into a lemon. heh.
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